Creating Jobs

GREC is creating a lot of good jobs in Gainesville, Alachua County and the region.

Over the nearly three year construction period, up to 900 construction workers helped to build GREC at a time when unemployment in the region had risen and good jobs were hard to find.

Today, 49 employees living in and nearby Gainesville operate GREC.

GREC is also spending approximately $30,000,000 annually just for wood fuel, money that stays in the local economy. GREC has created 160 forestry and trucking jobs to handle the once discarded wood, prepare it, and deliver it to our facility. Unlike a fossil fuel power plant using fuel imported into Florida, GREC keeps more dollars in the community by creating good jobs throughout this region.

A professor from Florida State University performed an economic modeling study which concluded that GREC is creating a total of 733 jobs in the region (including indirect and induced jobs).