Clean Operations

As a new power plant, GREC is using state-of-the-art pollution control technology at our facility that meets all federal and state emission requirements. The bubbling fluidized bed (BFP) boiler is highly efficient and operates at lower overall emissions than any other biomass plant in the world, meeting the highest requirement of ‘Maximum Available Control Technology.’

As part of its emissions control system, GREC has an advanced baghouse to capture particles, soot, and ash before air is discharged from the stack. GREC is the first biomass plant in the U.S. designed and built to be in conformance with strict new EPA regulations that limit the emission of particles.

GREC cleans its exhaust gas to remove other pollutants by using selective catalytic reduction and other pollution control devices.

GREC is also a zero liquid discharge project, meaning that all industrial wastewater is cleaned and reused. No water is sent to the municipal wastewater treatment system.  GREC is purchasing reclaimed water from the City of Alachua which provides a new revenue stream to the City while also reducing the amount of groundwater that GREC uses.

“By achieving significantly lower emission limits on several critical air emissions GREC is setting new targets for the emission control in future power plants”.

– Bob Deneault, Vice President, Metso Power Generation Group, North America